Image of an IKO Adesso Torch-On APP Capsheet roll
IKO Adesso Torch-On APP Capsheet

IKO Adesso Torch-On APP Capsheet

Suitable for flat, sloping and vertical projects, the IKO Adesso Torch-On APP Capsheet is polyester-based, slate-surfaced and applied via torch-on application for fast and efficient results.

Coated with APP-modified bitumen, this capsheet has a high softening point, making it ideal for sloping and vertical roofing projects and reducing the risk of foot marks and other works-related damage from occurring during application.

The thermofusible film that rapidly melts during torching makes the installation of this capsheet extremely efficient while also providing a long-lasting and durable solution.

The IKO Adesso Torch-On APP Capsheet can be laid on to suitable torch-on underlays as part of a built-up system, or as a refurbishment overlay to existing asphalt or selected mineral surface felt.

Available in two colours – green or black – the upper surface features a mineral granule finish that provides UV stability. Measuring 8m x 1m, this capsheet is CE and UKCA-accredited, features a 75mm sacrificial film selvedge for bonding side laps, and comes with a 10-year guarantee*, as standard.

*When installed as part of a built-up roof system, and conditions are maintained as per IKO literature, relevant Codes of Practice and UK Building Regulations, the product has a 10-year material guarantee.

For Safe2Torch guidance, please visit our dedicated information hub.

Key benefits to your project

  • Rapid application – torch-on application and thermofusible film underside and selvedge edge.
  • Temperature and UV-resistant – APP modified bitumen and mineral granule surface finish.
  • Durable – as part of flat, warm, cold, uninsulated, and inverted roof build-ups.
  • Reduced marking – due to the high softening point created by the APP-modified bitumen.
  • Peace of mind performance – all IKO Adesso Torch-On APP Capsheets come with a 10-year guarantee*.

Product information

Brand: IKO Adesso
Material: Bituminous
Product colour: Black, Green
Product finish: Mineral
UK manufacturing: Yes
SKU: 62200108 (Green) / 62400308 (Black)

Key performance criteria

By project type: New Build, Refurbishment
Certification: CE
IKO guarantee: 10 Year
Installation method: Torch-On
Membrane carrier/base: Polyester
Membrane modifier: APP
Membrane type: Capsheet
Profession: Installing Contractors, Merchants & Resellers
Roof build ups: Cold Roof System, Flat Roof System, Inverted Roof System, Torch-On System, Warm Roof System


Length (mm): 8000
Width (mm): 1000