IKO SBS Sanded Torch-On Top Layer Underlay

IKO SBS Sanded Torch-On Top Layer Underlay

A fully bonded, torch-applied, polyester-reinforced, SBS-modified bitumen top layer/underlay able to cope with greater ranges of ambient temperature whilst maintaining superior flexibility.

It has an upper surface finish of sand and a thermofusible film on the underside.

Key benefits to your project

  • Can be applied all year round as less affected by weather/temperature variations.
  • Can be considered for use within a torch-applied system overlaying existing bitumen roofing.
  • Provides a strong robust base material.
  • Retains excellent flexibility under ambient temperature fluctuations for enhanced system longevity.
  • Provides surface texture for excellent adhesion of the proceeding torch-applied capsheet.

Product information

Brand: IKO SBS
Product colour: Sand
Product finish: Sand
UK manufacturing: Yes
SKU: 60550000

Key performance criteria

By project type: DIY, Refurbishment
Installation method: Torch-On
Membrane carrier/base: Polyester
Usage: DIY Flat Roof, Top Layer / Underlay, Underlay


Length (mm): 8000
Weight (kg): 36
Width (mm): 1000