IKO TGX Torch-On SBS Capsheet

IKO TGX Torch-On SBS Capsheet

IKO TGX® Torch-On SBS Capsheets are produced using a polyester reinforcement creating exceptional dimensional stability.

The reinforcements are coated with a polymer-modified bitumen which provides good high temperature performance and resistance to damage and marking during application.

IKO TGX® Torch-On SBS Capsheets consist of a polyester carrier coated with polymer-modified bitumen.

The upper surface is finished with green, black, or brown mineral granules and the lower surface has a thermofusible film which rapidly melts during the torching operation.

A 75mm sacrificial film selvedge facilitates bonding of side laps.

Key benefits to your project

Product information

Brand: IKO TGX
Material: Bituminous
Product colour: Black, Brown, Green
Product type: Bituminous Membrane – DIY/Merchants
UK manufacturing: Yes
SKU: MW170702 / MW170703 / MW170704

Key performance criteria

By project type: DIY, Refurbishment
IKO guarantee: 10 Year
Installation method: Torch-On
Profession: Home Owners, Installing Contractors, Merchants & Resellers
Roof build ups: Warm Roof
Sector: Community & Amenity, Domestic, Private Housing, Social Housing


Width (mm): 1000