Photo of an IKO enertherm MG PIR insulation board
IKO enertherm MG Insulation Board

IKO enertherm MG Insulation Board

The IKO enertherm MG insulation board is clad on both sides with a perforated glass membrane.

It has been designed to be incorporated within flame-free applications, including self-adhesive membranes, single ply, mastic asphalt, and liquid waterproofing.

Key benefits to your project

  • Coated glass PIR insulation board.
  • Compatible with self-adhesive membrane, single ply, mastic asphalt, and liquid waterproofing systems.
  • Top quality, multi-layer lamination.
  • Micro cell technology.

Product information

Brand: IKO enertherm
Material: PIR
Product colour: Grey
Product finish: Perforated Coated Glass
Product type: Flat Roof Insulation, Insulation
SKU: 31011030

Key performance criteria

By project type: New Build, Refurbishment
Installation method: Adhered
Substrate: Concrete, Masonary Structure, Metal, Timber (Plywood-OSB)
Usage: Liquid Waterproofing System, Mastic Asphalt System, Pour and Roll System, Self-Adhesive Membrane System, Single Ply System


Thickness: 30 to 140mm