IKO Hyload Original DPC

IKO Hyload Original DPC

IKO Hyload Original Damp Proof Course is a flexible polymeric sheet material. It is used within masonry walls to prevent passage of moisture from the ground. It can also be used at all levels as a cavity tray to prevent the downward movement of water.

Key benefits to your project

  • Proven performance – tried and tested. The product achieved BBA certification in 1967 and has been used by the construction industry for over 50 years.
  • Developed components – as part of the IKO Hyload brand, the product has a fully developed range of components.
  • Excellent under compressive loads – does not extrude under load and under normal working conditions.
  • Robust – excellent resistance to impact damage under normal working conditions and good flexibility at low temperatures.
  • Durable – the DPC material will remain effective for the design life of the building under normal working conditions.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes.

Product information

Brand: IKO Hyload
Material: Polymeric
Permability: No
Product colour: Black
Product finish: Smooth
Product type: Damp Proof Course
SKU: 31505000

Key performance criteria

By project type: New Build
Certification: BBA, CE
Installation method: Laid in Mortar


Length (mm): 20000