IKO Armourplan PVC Membrane Sealant

IKO Armourplan PVC Membrane Sealant

Armourplan PVC sealant is a single part, neutral cure, silicone sealant designed to be used with Armourplan membranes. It cures on exposure to moisture vapour, forming an elastic silicone rubber.

Armourplan PVC sealant is suitable for use in conjunction with most common building materials. It is intended for use when terminating membrane pipe details and other upstand details, in accordance with IKO Polymeric recommendations.

Key benefits to your project

  • Fast installation.
  • Excellent adhesion properties.
  • Cold application.
  • Rapid curing.

Product information

Brand: IKO Armourplan
Product colour: Grey
SKU: 47001002

Key performance criteria


Size (litres): 0.31