IKO Hybritech

IKO Flexia IKO hybritech is an a solvent free and odour free single-component liquid waterproofing system based on flexible hybrid polymers. IKO hybritech cures through reaction with the air humidity, it is used as a fully reinforced waterproofing resin in the IKO hybritech Liquid Waterproofing System.

Key Benefits to your project

  • Seamless membrane

  • Rapid and flame-free installation

  • Simple detailing in difficult areas

  • Combinable with IKO enertherm and other insulation materials

  • Flat adhesion to bitumen, plastic strips and other roofing materials *

  • Excellent UV resistance

Technical Information

Product Information

Brand: IKO Flexia

By Project Type: New Build, Refurbishment

Installation Method: Roller

Product Colour: Grey

Product Type: Cold Applied Liquid - Commercial

Roof Build Ups: Cold Roof, Inverted Roof, Warm Roof

SKU: 02415020


Size Litres: 20

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