IKO’s material safety data sheets (MSDS) serve as comprehensive resources for understanding the safety and handling procedures of our products. These documents outline crucial information such as chemical composition, handling precautions, and emergency procedures, ensuring that users have the necessary knowledge to work with IKO materials safely and responsibly.

Document & File Downloads

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IKO Bituminous Grout V1 (October 2019)

IKO Bitumous Roofing Membranes V8

IKO Black sheathing Felt V1 (June 2015)

IKO Bonding Agent V4

IKO Easymelt Bonding Bitumen V6 (October 2019)

IKO Flexibloc V1 (July 2016)

IKO Flexiphalte Grades V2 (October 2019)

IKO Flooring Grades V3 (October 2019)

IKO Pacoflex V2 (October 2019)

IKO Pacopatch V2 (October 2019)

IKO Paving Grades V3 (October 2019)

IKO Permapark Grades V3 (October 2019)

IKO Permaphalt V2 (October 2019)

IKO Permascreed Grades V3 (October 2019)

IKO Permatec High Pen Primer V2 (July 2016)