UK Manufacturing

IKO - putting our money where our market is...

IKO is a global company with 3,500 employees worldwide, but we are unique in our marketplace as we manufacture the majority of our products right here in the UK. Between our four manufacturing sites in England, we produce a range of roofing solutions and insulation products and distribute to more than 38 countries worldwide from the UK.

Being a UK manufacturer helps with quicker deliveries from one of our four sites. We’re here whenever you need us and, with the Government’s increasing focus on sustainable development and many projects demanding specific green requirements, we know it can be difficult to find the right solutions to reduce your carbon footprint.

With IKO, you can achieve your sustainability goals as all our raw materials are responsibly sourced and, where possible, locally sourced. Our sites are on average only 100 miles from a construction site, and only 5 miles from your nearest merchant or DIY store.

UK manufacturing also means a local workforce of friendly and professional specialists at each of our sites. Our products are constantly innovating to ensure functionality and performance is at the forefront of our offering. All our manufacturing sites have research and development teams and customer feedback is essential to our work, so we can improve our products and meet the demands of the market.

Our Manufacturing Facilities

Appley Bridge - IKO PLC HQ

Reinforced bituminous membranes manufacturing plant

Clay Cross

IKO Polymeric – single ply manufacturing plant


Hot melt and mastic asphalt products and systems


IKO enertherm PIR insulation manufacturing plant