Product research and development is a phrase you hear a lot in our industry – especially within manufacturing.

We operate in a fast-moving sector that has seen many shifts in demand and technology. So, we know that suitability, ease of use, stock availability, durability, flexibility, longevity, and responsibly sourced products are key factors when choosing a solution. But it’s not just product development involved in this end result – process improvement is equally as important.

With IKO, you can believe in your project’s vision as we have the backing, the know-how, the ethos, and the investment to continuously improve our products and the way we manufacture.

Within our research and development teams across all our sites, we listen to our customers’ feedback, are at the forefront of industry changes, and follow the pulse of market trends. Long-term thinking is embedded within our working ethos, which forms our decision making and, ultimately, a more efficient, reliable and stronger offering for our customers.

"We work directly with our customers and take on their feedback – whether this be tweaks we make to the product, or how we manufacture. We also work closely with customers on new product ideas – after all, they’re the ones that are using it. Market trends and competitor research also fuels our work, and we often find we’re doing it just right."
Amy Earlam
Quality Control & Research Chemist at Appley Bridge
"IKO is a company which is constantly innovating. It’s in our ethos and our teams from different backgrounds from installation to chemistry have a huge amount of market knowledge and understanding. As a group, we source many of our raw materials locally across the UK, so we don’t have to rely on third parties, which makes developing our processes and products so much easier and more efficient."
Richard Knowles
Production Technical Manager at IKO Polymeric, Clay Cross
"Having a presence within sector technical committees and organisations helps our product development, as we always have our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in our market and the wider industry. We speak to our installers a lot – it’s important to us to know how they feel about our products. The minute you stop innovating, you stand still and fall behind."
Steve Dalton
Technical Manager, Highways & Civils

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