Aesthetic rooftop with standing seam

IKO Polymeric has provided an innovative roofing solution on a 1,650m2 new build project, for a Hermitage Housing Trust Development. The centre has a high quality, superior standard of amenities, and is a fully serviced care home for the elderly with private facilities as well as communal social facilities.

For the main flat roof area, IKO Polymeric’s IKO Armourplan P Mid Grey was installed with a matching Armourplan Standing Seam. Installing roofing contractors, ICS Ltd, liaised with IKO Polymeric to refine the roofing specification.

The brief called for a contemporary but functional aesthetic rooftop. ICS were engaged to provide a flexible roof system capable of working on a variety of pitches, able to accept an intense solar scheme for water and PV cells and provide a good guarantee for 10 years.

The winter saw very low temperatures affecting the fully adhered Armourplan, therefore a very strict installation regime had to be put in place to monitor air temperatures so that the installation was kept to specification.

The roof works were completed and then the solar scheme fitted as funding became available. This solar scheme was effectively a retro-fit through a completed roof. Therefore very close attention to detailing was required as a different approach must be taken to ensure continuity of weatherproofing to completed internal finishes. Over 270 penetrations had to be co-ordinated with plumbers, electricians and vent fitters ensuring a perfect fit each and every time. An outstanding project!

Armourplan is a polyester-reinforced PVC membrane which is suitable for use on a wide range of roofing applications, including specialist installations such as simulated metal roofs. Armourplan PVC membranes are designed to be welded together to form homogenous, reliable joints. Premium membrane, Armourplan P, is produced by utilising the same high quality UV resistant PVC compound on both the upper and lower side of the membrane to ensure optimal weld strength and quality.