As part of the drive to revitalise Kirkby Town Centre, the local authority, Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council, has been significantly investing in regeneration works. A redundant B&M shopping centre formed an important part of the uplift.

At 36,000 sq ft, the empty precinct was the largest vacant unit in the town centre and was in need of significant repair and modernisation. Bringing the building up to date was crucial in encouraging businesses back to the area and delivering more choice of retail outlets to visitors.

The project was estimated to cost £1.66million, with £450,000 allocated to the roof renovation, which was to be carried out by Paramount Roofing Systems, in association with IKO.


The busy, central location of the shopping centre presented several challenges for the roof installation. The existing roof needed a comprehensive refurbishment, including stripping back to the metal decking and removal of all layers and outdated materials.

A total of 48 redundant skylights needed to be carefully and meticulously taken out as they were no longer needed or functional. Any obsolete ventilation fans and plant equipment also had to be removed, as streamlining roof space was essential for efficiency. This all had to take place before the installation commenced.

When it came to delivery of materials, there was limited laydown due to the surrounding live loading bays for neighbouring shops and this lack of space also affected the storage of the materials on-site.

Inclement weather presented a significant challenge for the team. Despite operations taking place during the summer, torrential downpours were frequent. Protecting the integrity of the building was paramount to ensure the businesses below the installation could continue trading without risk of water ingress or leaks.


As this was such an expansive project, it was important that the roofing system was robust, easy to install and would stand the test of time. IKO worked with Paramount Roofing Systems to ensure the most suitable solution was specified for the replacement roof.

A fully built-up bituminous felt warm roof was chosen as the best option, as it was designed to ensure effective insulation, weatherproofing and longevity for many years to come.

To mitigate disruption to nearby trade, Paramount Roofing Systems effectively coordinated with local businesses for the duration of the project. The team established a robust schedule, so that construction activity was minimally affected by the town centre’s busy hours and zoned time restrictions.

A telescopic forklift truck was hired specifically for the project, to handle offloading and loading more efficiently and allow the team to move more precisely within the confined space. Four operatives were trained to ensure that the forklift truck was used safely, which was imperative given the high footfall close to the site.

IKO arranged for bulk materials to be delivered directly to the roof to help overcome the issue of restricted space. Materials were also stored off-ground and covered at all times with strategically placed tarpaulins to avoid water damage from the persistent rain.

Despite the wet weather conditions hindering progress, the project was delivered just over the expected time frame of 8-10 weeks. The collaboration between IKO and Paramount Roofing Systems was pivotal in ensuring that the project met and exceeded requirements – contributing to an integral building that promises to give a much-needed boost to Kirkby town centre.

Project name and location:

Cherryfield Drive, Liverpool

Main IKO system:

IKO Ultra

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Paramount Roofing Systems Ltd