Epping Gate, Essex


Epping Gate is an impressive development of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments in Essex. It is located close to the Epping Forest Spread, within the desirable ‘Golden Triangle’ of Loughton, Buckhurst Hill and Chigwell. Spread over three blocks measuring between 3-5 storeys, the development was designed to accommodate 97 private and 42 housing association units, a podium garden and undercroft and surface car parking.

The buildings were constructed using traditional masonry, precast floors and roof planks. Developer, Fairview New Homes, instructed Sheriff Construction to work on the roofing elements of the project, in collaboration with IKO and ABG Blue Roofing.

The installation was a huge undertaking, with the project size totalling 12,400m2.


IKO and Sheriff Construction worked together to come up with a solution to the meltable plastic SVPs. This came in the form of a metal SVP sleeve detail that offered higher resistance to heat and therefore protected the pipes.

They also collaboratively found an answer to the podium’s water ingress problem – applying hot melt waterproofing behind the cavity to the CP board or internal block-work. This quickly resolved the associated issues and avoided years of maintenance defect calls and costly repairs.

When dealing with delivery challenges, IKO ensured that materials could be ordered in bulk and deliveries were brought forward to suit changes in the programme. Sheriff Construction and IKO also worked closely to ensure that the weight and size of the materials delivered was optimised, so that they could be carefully transported by forklift or crane to the weight restricted loading bays and then onto the roof, without issue.

The IKO Permatec system was ideal for this large scale and intensive project. It not only highly resistant and durable but offers low temperature flexibility and rapid setting, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimal delays due to adverse weather conditions.

Both Sheriff Construction’s experienced project team and IKO’s inspectors closely monitored the roof installation process from start to finish. This ensured that the project was delivered safely, on time and within budget. IKO’s technical support in particular proved invaluable to the success of the expansive project, helping to speed up production and save time, resulting in a professional clean-line finish and highly satisfied client.


IKO and Sheriff Construction worked together to come up with a solution to the PVC SVP issue – a metal sleeve detail. This ensured that the pipes could be sealed, without risk of heat damage from the hot melt system.

When it came to the logistical and safety issues, IKO facilitated the delivery of materials either pre-slung or on pallets to allow safe unloading of the vehicle using a forklift or crane. This meant Sheriff Construction’s operatives did not have to access the vehicles, helping to reduce occupational risk and exposure to workplace hazards.

IKO also provided an accurate timescale of deliveries and met all of Fairview New Homes’ restrictions on the size and type of vehicles allowed on site, to keep project disruptions to a minimum.

Sheriff Construction worked closely with IKO’s design team from the beginning, to achieve design requirements and U-values. IKO also provided extensive on-site support and in person-guidance on using the IKO Permatec system which was specified, even for non-standard designs. The hot melt system is renowned for its high resistance, low temperature flexibility and long life expectancy, making it a popular and versatile choice for a variety of roofing projects.

Sheriff Construction’s experienced project team and IKO’s inspectors closely monitored and managed the workforce activities, from start to finish, supervising the roof installation process with a critical eye.

Due diligence, quality assurance, excellent workmanship and effective communication meant that the project was delivered safely on time, within budget, and to the client’s satisfaction and exacting standards.