Walker Primary School, Southgate – IKO Ultra Prevent

School roof receives fire protection

Walker Primary School was opened in 1953 as a one-form entry primary school with seven classes. Over the years, due to its popularity, it has grown, and new buildings have been added.

IKO stepped in and helped the school by writing a survey condition of the existing old roof to enable the school to lobby for a new roof.

Due to the structural design of the building, the roof trusses once exposed meant that the roof changed from one roof to several individual roofs with their own drainage and design issues which meant that each roof had to give its own tapered scheme for each area.

In some cases had to work in tandem with the abutting roof it was next to. This all had to be done to keep the layout of the original roof and drain all water from it successfully.

Photo of the Walker Primary School, Southgate IKO ULTRA Prevent system

The roof was a series of small roofs all requiring a cut to fall system to drain the rainwater. We overcame this by raising all the kerbs in timber and cutting through new parapet outlets to completely drain the roof free from ponding.

The original roof was absolutely saturated and installing contractors Stamford Contracts Ltd carried the works out without allowing ingress of water into the school.

The positive approach which had IKO/Stamford Contracts on site working together the same time discussing designing and resolving the project, ensured an exceptional standard was achieved.