Shaldon Beach, South Devon – IKO Armourplan P

Project description

IKO Polymeric and DFR Roofing worked on an astonishing private dwelling in South Devon. Sitting on the hills of Shaldon Beach, the 330 m2 modern, detached house was built with a flat roof as part of the planning requirements to avoid obstructing the view of other properties overlooking the beach.

The property benefited hugely from the use of wood cladding to contribute to its pleasing aesthetic and sustainable features. The low carbon footprint building also took advantage of solar panels to further improve the green credentials of the building.

IKO Armourplan Membrane was used to waterproof the roof due to its durability. A green roof will also be installed to help the building to blend into the landscape more and contribute to the environmentally friendly aspects of the project.

Johnathan Smith Architects specified a full IKO Roofing System for this project including IKO enertherm PIR Insulation, mechanical fixings and adhesives to meet the 20 years extended guarantee requirement. IKO Armourplan P was also specified for the upstands to provide enhanced durability.

Having been pleased with the result so far, the house owner is now looking forward to the installation of the green roof which will complement the surrounding area and improve the look of their new house even further.