Milton Keynes University Hospital – IKO Permatec Waterproofing System

Project description

The client ADMK Limited agreed to build a new cancer care centre that will provide more complex cancer treatments for the patients at the hospital, whereas previously they had to travel to Northampton or Oxford.

The new centre will co-locate oncology, clinical haematology and cancer-related chemotherapy under one roof. BriggsAmasco operatives worked without pay on this project due to the client’s charity status and the vital service the cancer care unit will provide.

The completed building will mean the hospital can improve the quality of its cancer services, help to increase capacity, establish new emergency care pathways and support the future demand for cancer services in Milton Keynes.


Issue relating to access from underneath the single-ply roof system as it was a stairway tight deadline.
Major leak which began to ruin installed materials.
Had to work around potentially invasive presence of other on-site trades.


Weatherproof around the latch way to prevent leaks.
Four specialist operatives working on hot melt.
Four specialist operatives working Armourplan single-ply.
Use of IKO Torch-On Capsheet to prevent major leaks.


Had to work to a very tight deadline of just two days.
Never sacrifice quality in order to achieve an early finish.
Worked weekends as well as weekdays to make sure project.
Was completed within budget.
Different skips onsite for recycling materials.