The Lakes Estate, Milton Keynes – IKO Ultra Prevent

Residents benefit from estate restoration

IKO PLC has provided 22,000m2 of roofing material for a refurbishment project on a large housing estate in Milton Keynes.

The Lakes Estate took some time to build, beginning in around 1968 and not being fully completed until 1975. During 2012, hundreds of residents on the estate benefitted from funding to make their homes cleaner, greener, warmer, dryer and cheaper to heat.

The Lakes Community Energy Saving Project (CESP) is a £ 9.5m scheme which helped partially fund vital ‘eco-upgrades’ to people’s homes – both council houses and privately owned or rented, 2 or 3 storey houses and bungalows.

Work began on the major upgrade to the 469 council homes in March 2012, which could lead to them becoming up to 47% more energy efficient (based on BRE study 2013).

The scheme is mainly funded by Milton Keynes council with power giants npower providing grant funding that they earn based on the amount of carbon savings realised by installing the ‘eco-upgrades’.

Apollo Property Services Group, acting as the main contractor, undertook the works on behalf of the council.

The refurbishment of the properties includes a ‘warm roof’ which replaced the uninsulated roof spaces, new double glazing, insulation of lofts and cavity wall insulation, application of new insulated wall cladding and replacement of inefficient central heating systems.

For the warm roof, IKO Ultra Prevent System was installed by IKO’s approved roofing contractor Oxford Asphalt.

This incorporates IKO Challenger 180 Sand Underlay, IKO Systems TO Underlay, IKO Enertherm ALU PIR Insulation (an upgrade on the existing to achieve a revised U-value of 0.18W/m²K.), IKO Systems SA Underlay and IKO Ultra Prevent Torch-on Cap Sheet.

New IKO Superlite Rooflights and IKO refurbishment outlets were also installed and IKO Rubershield breather membrane was used within the wall cladding.

Before the re-surfacing of the roofs began, Apollo Property Services Ltd designed the roof so that Oxford Asphalt could raise the kerb height to allow for the insulation.

Also as the roof areas being re-roofed were, in some cases, to be sealed to adjacent roofs not being upgraded, it was vital that Oxford Asphalt installed an effective seal between the roofs to prevent the passage of water from the adjacent roof.

All IKO Ultra Prevent bituminous systems offer the latest generation of high performance, elastomeric reinforced bitumen roofing coating membranes. The base fabric is treated with the prevent graphite technology to achieve the highest fire performance standards.

A high content SBS polymer modified bitumen coating also gives an outstanding low temperature flexibility of minus 25˚C.

Photo of The Lakes Estate, Milton Keynes IKO ULTRA Prevent system