easyHotel, Sheffield – IKO Armourplan PSG

Project description

The former Primark store in the Castlegate area, North East of Sheffield city centre has now been converted to a budget hotel (easyHotel) after a refurbishment project. The five-storey building has been transformed into a 131-bed hotel with a basement gym as well as commercial space.

The older part of the building, which fronts High Street, is designed in Deco style and dates back to the 1930s. It is bookended by two later additions from the 1970s; one which wraps around the junction of High Street with Angel Street and the other which has been tacked on at the eastern end of the Deco part of the building.

Working together with Protech Roofing, single ply membrane manufacturer IKO Polymeric undertook the refurbishment project of the roof. Single-ply was the perfect solution for this job thanks to its ability to overlay the existing material without the need to strip back to the deck.

Accuracy was very important to give the complex details a sharp and tidy look, especially around existing structures that needed full encapsulation.  IKO Polymeric’s easy to install, flexible IKO Armourplan PSG membrane was the perfect fit for this job.

With high-quality polymer throughout – even on the lower layers – and high-performance reinforcement, this membrane offers enhanced benefits over standard PVC membranes. The extended guaranteed requirements were met using only a 1.2mm thick membrane, also ensuring ease of installation.

Another challenge of the project was the busy location of the building. Health and safety and minimal disruption to the public were the key requirements. As single ply is a flame-free application, it provided a safer installation for a city-centre building. Accessing the roof area was also quite difficult. To get the materials onto the roof, a crane lift was used.

IKO Polymeric’s field engineers provided technical assistance to Protech Roofing during their regular site visits throughout the project, advising on installation including complex details that need extra attention.

The roof project was successfully completed in November 2017 and the new hotel is expected to welcome its first visitors in the New Year.