The Clowance Estate, Cornwall – IKO Armourplan P

Project description

The Clowance Estate is an all-year-round luxury holiday accommodation based in Cornwall. Recently, the estate decided to include a tree house in their holiday complex which is situated in a forest location and looks over a lake.

Blue Forest -the world’s leading tree house consultancy – involved in the design of this luxurious holiday home consisting of two main intersecting circular elements (one radius 2600mm and the other 3700mm) and one rectangular zone. The tree house has an outstanding design incorporating modern materials and a bold sharp angular canopy roof.

The concept demanded for a complex roof design as it had to meet so many requirements for visual appearance and detailing work such as conical-to-conical and conical-to-dual pitch valley interfaces and curved fascia detail.

Photo of The Clowance Estate, Cornwall IKO Armourplan P roofing system
Photo of The Clowance Estate, Cornwall IKO Armourplan P roofing system

Solution and installation

The steeply designed pitch made the installation very challenging. As the aesthetics were an important element of this high-calibre project, it was essential to achieve excellent workmanship standards on crisp lines of the field area, drip trim facets and standing seams.

The roof build up consisted of three layers of 6mm plywood which were waterproofed by 110m2 of fully bonded IKO Armourplan P PVC Membrane. Standing seam profiles were also installed on a faceted deck using contact adhesive to give the roof the desired sharp look.

IKO Armourplan P is a membrane unique to IKO Polymeric. With its superior reinforcement and the use of premium quality PVC throughout, the membrane’s enhanced formulation provides ease of installation.

The extra flexibility of the membrane helped to achieve the desired tight and crisp details on the standing seams. It is also completely UV stable which makes the membrane more durable.

“We are delighted with the dark grey colour of the membrane and standing seam profiles seamlessly interfacing with the timber elements and the surrounding environment.

“The inclusion of IKO Armourplan P Membrane on a sustainably resourced structure and cladded project speaks volumes for the credibility of not only this product but PVCs generally and should be welcomed and celebrated by all.”

Simon Payne – Director of Blue Forest