CIF Bids and SCA Funding

Finding your way through EFA (Education Funding Agency) funding

IKO can assist with both CIF bids and SCA funding by highlighting the need for a school grant through a free school roof condition survey. Educational grants can be used for a whole host of school improvements, but none more important than making sure the building is fit for purpose, and that includes school roof repairs.

What is the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF)?

The CIF funding is capital funding that academies and sixth-form colleges can apply for each year, which is approved by the EFA (Education Funding Agency).

We have provided a brief summary of the funding and how IKO can help you throughout the bidding process.

What is it for?

Keeping academy and sixth-form college buildings safe and in good working order.

Also, addressing the issues with significant consequences that revenue or Devolved Formula Capital (DFC) funding cannot meet i.e. poor building conditions, building compliance, energy efficiency and health and safety concerns. It also supports a number of expansion projects.

Who can apply?

  • Single academy trusts
  • Multi-academy trusts (MATs)
  • Sixth-form colleges

CIF registration occurs during November via the CIF portal and, from this step onward, IKO can assist with your CIF application right through to the school or academy roof repairs.

What is SCA (School Condition Allocations)

Funding is allocated to build, maintain and refurbish schools. Local authorities may also provide extra funding to schools that require further assistance.

The SCA can indeed be used on roofing, waterproofing and insulation requirements necessary to make a school habitable for its pupils.

Some local authorities may need assistance in the collation of information and data to support their recommendations for school improvements; especially on structural elements such as roofing, insulation and waterproofing.

What is it for?

Local authorities are legally responsible for making sure there are enough places for all children to attend good schools.

The Department for Education allocates capital funding and oversees the provision of school places, making sure these schools are maintained and improved.

Who is this for?

  • Maintained schools (direct responsibility of local authorities)
  • Voluntary-aided schools

It is up to the local authority to decided which schools require assistance and apportion the funding as required.