A hot topic in schools

Research indicates that student performances deteriorate as the temperature and humidity rises inside the classroom. There is no doubt that thermal comfort plays a significant role in the abilities of children to operate and maintain attention spans during school lessons.

Last year the UK experienced its hottest summer since 1976 and with the warmer months fast approaching, are we doing enough to ensure the next generation are given the best opportunities to learn?

Building Regulations have done a great job in ensuring school buildings stay warm in the winter, but there is more to designing a comfortable working environment than just that. The places where our next lawyers, hospital workers or tradespeople begin their learning must be comfortable all year round and not too hot in the summer.

The climate debate has taken centre-stage in recent years and while there have been several steps taken to limit the greenhouse effect, we must continue to develop buildings which will work in the changing climate.

Thankfully, the research and development team at IKO created the perfect roofing membrane to respond to the ever-changing environment. Since 2012, IKO Carrara has offered designers a waterproofing solution that not only helps to reduce the warming effects from a hotter climate but purifies the air at the same time.

IKO Carrara is a highly reflective roofing membrane composed of a flexible elastomeric bitumen (SBS) with fire retardant properties (Graphite Firewall Technology). Research has shown that IKO Carrara can positively influence the temperature in and on the roof making it the perfect solution for school buildings, both new and refurbished.

With its white finish, IKO Carrara will reflect most of the radiant energy from the sun and only a limited amount of this energy will be stored in the roof structure. As a result, overheating in the summer can be prevented. The roofing membrane is also designed so that any absorbed energy is released from the roof quickly.

A cooler roof has added benefits over simply keeping the building occupant’s comfortable in the summer.

A cool roof will limit the need for additional cooling in the building which will generate significant energy savings, not to mention the special type of titanium dioxide (TiO2) coating that acts as a catalyst, converting nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides (NOx and SOx) into harmless and environmentally neutral substances.

Given its 35-year lifespan, IKO Carrara can provide a long-term waterproofing solution that assists in regulating building temperatures and reduced atmospheric pollutants.

For more information on IKO Carrara or how it could be used on your next school roofing project, please contact IKO.

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