Can a multi-storey car park deck remain open while refurbishment works are carried out?

Using Mastic Asphalt for surface repair and refurbishment allows multi-storey car park decks to remain open while the works are carried out. Among the advantages of Mastic Asphalt as a waterproofing solution, the ability to make localised repairs without closing off entire levels is an important one in terms of avoiding disruption for drivers.

A multi-storey car park is open to the elements and, depending on the deck specification, can be used by large goods vehicles as well as cars. Mastic Asphalt is a durable and hard-wearing material, but vehicle traffic can impose significant stresses.

At some point, repair and refurbishment work is going to be needed, so it makes sense to work with a material that makes the process as painless as possible.

Why is Mastic Asphalt relatively easy to repair?

Mastic Asphalt is a voidless material. It isn’t porous, unlike other surface-finishing materials, and has no air pockets. For water to get through there has to be a physical break in the material, so surface cracks should be repaired before they reach that point.

To effect a thorough repair, work only needs to be carried out on the defective area. That allows the rest of the car park to operate virtually as normal, subject to necessary health and safety measures.

A Mastic Asphalt repair creates a seamless finish that can be laid to match the existing Mastic Asphalt surfacing. It’s a durable solution too. Any repair carried out using a porous material would be exposed to frost action during the next spell of cold and wet weather; the repair would fail and need to be carried out again.

How soon can the car park reopen after Mastic Asphalt repair work?

Mastic Asphalt does not need to cure, so once it has fully cooled the closed-off parking area can be quickly reopened and trafficked again.

Thanks to its durability, Mastic Asphalt is a low maintenance solution so ongoing disruption is kept to a minimum. An annual maintenance inspection should be all that is required to identify any potential problems and have the necessary repair work carried out.

Mastic Asphalt formulations can have polymers added to them to retain all of the material’s benefits while helping to improve key qualities like durability and fatigue resistance. It means the material is both traditional and familiar, while at the same time meeting the demands of modern construction.

IKO Permapark is a Polymer Modified Mastic Asphalt waterproofing system for vehicle decks, access ramps and walkways. For guidance on the correct IKO Permapark specification for different grades of vehicle traffic, download our IKO Permapark Design Guide.

Alternatively, request our RIBA-approved CPD seminar on Mastic Asphalt waterproofing, or find out more about being IKO Approved Contractor.

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