What does a single ply membrane guarantee cover?

A single ply membrane guarantee can vary in its range of cover, from being a product guarantee only, to including flat roof system design, to also including workmanship/quality of installation.

A product guarantee is based on the properties and characteristics of the membrane that can be tested in isolation. The addition of system design retains these individual product characteristics but also factors in the use of the membrane with other components – like a vapour control layer and thermal insulation – to form a complete flat roof system specification.

Guaranteeing workmanship is more likely to be the preserve of the approved contractor who carries out the roof system installation, but there may be occasions where the system manufacturer is requested to warranty the quality of the installation as well.

IKO Polymeric offers three types of guarantee, relative to our involvement in the project. Contact our technical services team for information on each guarantee type:

  • Product Guarantee.
  • Product + Design Guarantee.
  • Product + Design + Workmanship Guarantee.

For more information, please contact IKO Polymeric’s technical team.

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