Is the flat roof system guarantee affected if non-system products are used as part of the installation?

Using components not approved as part of a single ply flat roof system can invalidate the manufacturer guarantee. A warranty or guarantee relies on the manufacturer’s knowledge and confidence that all of the component products have been tested in combination and will achieve certain standards of performance.

Any product substitutions should be checked and confirmed with the system manufacturer prior to proceeding to ensure they are still prepared to offer a guarantee. For certain items and accessories, it may be relatively easy to determine that an equivalent performance can be achieved without affecting the guarantee.

Substituting a fundamental component such as a vapour control layer or thermal insulation would likely require further testing, which is likely to be costly and time-consuming even if the system supplier is willing to consider working with an alternative component manufacturer.

IKO Polymeric will not issue guarantees on projects where our products have been installed with other manufacturer’s products, unless approved by our technical department prior to installation.

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