Can only approved contractors and trained operatives install single ply flat roof membranes?

Single ply flat roofing system manufacturers only supply their products to a network of approved or registered contractors. Different single ply membranes have different installation requirements and it is only through training and certifying contractors that manufacturers can have the confidence that the quality and reputation of their product – and single ply flat roofing generally – is upheld.

Training and accreditation is backed up by a team of surveyors or engineers who inspect completed installations prior to the manufacturer issuing a guarantee for the installed system. The initial training obviously makes it more likely that the installed system will already be of a reasonable standard and should require little or no remedial work, compared to inspecting the work of a contractor who has no experience in the system.

IKO Polymeric operate a registered contractor network, ensuring all contractors are conversant with our systems and that site operatives have been trained in installation. IKO Technical Engineers inspect all installations, and only issue a project warranty when satisfied with the install. The client and building owner receives a high standard of workmanship and a trouble free roof installation for several decades at least.

For more information, please contact IKO Polymeric’s technical team.

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