Cleaner air for swimmers in Ireland

A swimming pool complex in Ireland is not only keeping occupants sheltered from the weather while using its facilities, but its roof surface is also protecting the environment from nasty carcinogens in the air.

An innovative, ecological roofing membrane which helps to purify the air surrounding it, has been installed at Clongowes Wood College in County Kildare.

The IKO Carrara system has a mineral finish which is coated with a special type of titanium dioxide designed to convert harmful nitrogen and sulphur oxides (NOx and SOx) in the atmosphere into harmless and environmentally neutral substances.

With air pollution an increasingly common issue in the UK, IKO’s Carrara essentially acts as an “air purifier” helping to neutralise dangerous pollutants in the atmosphere. This makes it the ideal solution for school and college rooftops where there is a growing obligation to protect students’ health and wellbeing.

In fact, just 500m2 of IKO Carrara can clean the air-borne pollutants of two to three diesel cars per year. The 1000m2 expanse covering the college’s pool and changing areas is not only guaranteed by IKO to protect the school’s assets but will help rid the environment harmful nitrates to the equivalent of planting 85 trees.

Keith Proudfoot, from Titan Roofing, said: “IKO Carrara was specified because the architect, Wejchert Architects, was keen to use something new and innovative that would provide the college with a building that could work for the environment as well as waterproofing the facilities.

“The finish was complemented by the design team, and we are delighted to have been nominated by them for another project with IKO Carrara due on site in early 2020.”

The system build-up consisted of further IKO products including the self-adhesive air and vapour control layer, Tapered PIR Insulation bonded in polyurethane adhesive and a self-adhesive underlay. The IKO Carrara roof systems offer great peace of mind thanks to its IKO Guarantee which covers the product, concept, and implementation for 10 years.

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