Hot melt waterproofing used for roof terrace and plant areas at The News Building, London Bridge

With winter gardens and a roof terrace boasting spectacular views across London, The News Building, a high-end commercial development in the capital, required a reliable and aesthetically pleasing Hot Melt waterproofing system. So 4,000 square metres of IKO Permatec Hot Melt waterproofing was installed.

Completed in 2013, with Mace acting as main contractor, The News Building is an innovative commercial building that makes a compelling corporate statement.

It provides 40,000 square metres (42,800 square feet) of efficient office space and meets the most rigorous demands of modern organisations, offering large, light, open and highly flexible floor space, with floor plates up to 31,000 square feet.

With emphasis placed on natural light and making the most of the outstanding views of London, the building has naturally ventilated winter gardens on floors three to 12 and a landscaped roof terrace.

Installing the hot melt waterproofing solution

The waterproofing works were carried out by IKO’s national approved roofing contractor, BriggsAmasco. Installation of IKO Permatec is a straightforward process.

The material is manufactured from a specially formulated combination of refined bitumen, synthetic rubbers, fillers, and other additives. On site, it is melted in a purpose-built machine and is applied to the prepared structural deck in two nominal 3mm coats.

As well as the IKO Permatec Hot Melt waterproofing, several other IKO products were used. Having a collection of compatible products helped to simplify the project and overcome several difficult details.

For example, IKO Permascreed, an effective solution for drainage falls and levelling, was used on the roof terrace areas. It created the required cross fall beneath the IKO Permatec Hot Melt Waterproofing.

IKO Plasdrain 25, a drainage layer, was used directly over Dows SLA XPS insulation board before a concrete slab was cast directly over the top. IKO Polimar Seal was also used, as a temporary waterproofing for some plinths on the plant areas.

Why was IKO Permatec hot melt waterproofing specified?

IKO Permatec Hot Melt system was specified for the project. It is suitable for use as the waterproofing layer in most new-build flat roofing projects and was chosen for its flexibility, strength, and self-sealing properties.

Benefits of the system include:

  • Long-lasting, for the lifetime of the building.
  • Low temperature flexibility – can be installed at temperatures as low as -18°C.
  • Resistant to rain, snow, and frost immediately after installation.
  • Resistant to impact damage.
  • Self-sealing.
  • High tensile strength.

IKO aims to make its products environmentally friendly. Our Hot Melt waterproofing is easily recyclable and non-polluting. It’s also supplied with zero packaging, which is convenient for contractors since it simplifies clean-up on site.

Our experts are happy to answer questions about Hot Melt waterproofing and can also provide a range of services from design advice and site surveys to specification tools and calculators.

If you’d like to learn more about IKO Permatec, or to discuss your project’s waterproofing requirements, please contact our Technical Team on 01257 256 888.

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