How to install and maintain your IKO Super Shed Felt

Want to refelt your own shed but not sure how? Struggling to find any guidance?

This step-by-step guide will help you from the very moment you take the shed felt out of its packaging.

IKO Super Shed Felt is a longer lasting, polyester reinforced felt, that comes with a green or black mineral finish. It is available in 8m x 1m or 10m x 1m rolls. This robust waterproofing membrane has a life expectancy of up to 15 years.

Features and benefits of IKO Super Shed Felt:

  • Lasts up to 15 years.
  • High performance waterproofing from an advanced formula roofing felt.
  • Install in exactly the same way as traditional shed felt.
  • Long life expectancy.
  • Peace of mind protection from the elements.
  • Ideal for garden buildings that house possessions important to you.
How to install your Shed Felt

Step 1 – remove fascial board

Carefully, remove any existing timber fascia boards applied to the front, back and sides of your shed.

Step 2 – strip the old felt

Use a hammer to remove the nails holding down the old felt roofing, then strip the old felt. Make sure the surface is clear and dry. Replace any nails that are sticking out or missing.

Step 3 – felt quantity

You will need enough felt to cover the entire area of the roof with a little extra on each edge (around 2 inch) this allows for overlaps. You will need to cut 3 pieces of felt:

– Two pieces for each side of the pitched roof.
– A third piece that will overlap the two side sections on each side and run along the top ridge of the shed.

Step 4 – install the felt

Apply the cut felt to either side of the roof pulling it tight so that it lies flat before nailing it at around 10cm intervals along the length of the roof, just below the apex. You can hammer in the nails along the bottom edge of the roof at wider intervals – around one every 30cm.

Once you’ve secured the side panels in place, add the top section to the ridge and fix it using high performance felt adhesive applied with a paint brush, then nail it at the lower edge at 5cm intervals.

Step 5 – tidy the edging and corners

Tidy up the overhang at each corner by folding it down and nailing it securely. Use your craft knife to cut a slit in the felt overhang at the apex of the roof, then fold the felt down there and nail securely at 10cm intervals along the gable.

You can then re-attach fascia boards to keep your shed looking smart, by hiding the folded over roofing felt at each gable end. Use wood nails to secure them in place and your craft knife to trim away any excess material.

Step 6 – felt overhang

Finally, work along the sides of the shed, tucking the felt overhang up and under and hammering in nails to hold it in place.

How to maintain your IKO Shed Felt

You’ve applied your new IKO Super Shed Felt, now you need a maintenance schedule to make sure you get the maximum life span:

– Frequently make sure that the roof is free from any debris.
– Make sure that you cut back any plants, bushes, or trees as they may rip the shed felt.
– Check and replace the shed felt every 5 – 10 years.
– Don’t leave the maintenance too late as this can cause expensive repairs that can be easily prevented.
– Check the inside of your shed for any leaks or damp patches that could become problematic.

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