How to maintain roads and repair them?

Road repair is a detailed process and there are a number of different solutions available depending on the surface defect. IKO Permatrack systems are used to treat cracking and crazing, whilst surfacing issues around ironwork can be corrected using IKO Pacopatch systems. For areas that undergo high levels of stress from being in close proximity to railway and tram lines, there is the Transition Joint Railway Line system.

It is crucial that you have an understanding of the road defects that are most common in the UK and how IKO products can be used to treat them. A greater knowledge about the solutions available will ensure a faster installation process, reducing project time and cost. It will also provide assurances that you are using our systems in the correct way and getting the most out of the IKO road repair range.

Why is road maintenance important?

Roads are an important public asset and regular maintenance is crucial to ensuring they are safe and comfortable for all road users. The UK’s socio-economic operations rely on roads as a mode of travel and transporting goods. By upkeeping them to a high standard, you ensure that everyday life can operate as normal without interruptions.

In recent years there has been an increased level of traffic and severe weather events in the UK. This has caused excessive damage to our road systems and it is likely that both will only increase in the future. This has put even more pressure on highway engineers to repair them with minimum disruption to users.

Using high quality products is essential during road maintenance to minimise return visits and extra work. Your solutions have to be durable and robust enough to deal with excessive use and harsh UK weather. If they are not, you run the risk of wasting time and money on projects as they draw on for longer than planned. Frustration will also build amongst road users and can lead to difficult and complicated complaints.

By extending the lifespan of road materials, you can increase the flexibility of your road maintenance work. Where a full road replacement may take longer to complete and come at a higher cost, our road surface repair solutions offer quick, easy to install systems that dramatically reduce your project times and cost.

Why use mastic asphalt?

Mastic asphalt is a versatile material with a unique set of qualities that make it suitable for use as a road repair solution. This is due to it having more bitumen binder in than similar materials such as stone mastic asphalt and hot roll asphalt. The increased levels of bitumen binder gives the material an impressive durability that is perfect for road repairs. By using a durable material your road repairs are likely to last far longer, saving time and money on potential return visits in the future.

Mastic asphalt is a waterproof material therefore it has a longer wear. One of the major issues in road maintenance is water ingress which will lead to freeze/thaw. By using a road waterproofing material such as mastic asphalt, you can protect areas of road from further damage during periods of cold and wet weather. This is only something that will become more important as the UK’s weather continues to become more severe.

It is important for a road repair material to be flexible as a road needs to be able to cope with excessive use from heavy vehicles. A flexible material must be used to take the load without being damaged. This is very important on busy sections of road, industrial roadways that see large numbers of HGV’s, or sections near to train or tramlines.

No extra machinery is needed when laying mastic asphalt as it is a hot flowable material that requires no compaction. This makes it quick and simple to install, saving you both time and money in your repair processes. Excessive use of compacting machinery can also lead to health issues such as vibration white finger. By limiting your staff’s usage of these tools, you can help to reduce the risk of potentially complicated health and safety concerns.

IKO manufactured mastic asphalt is a carbon neutral product that aligns to the Carbon Zero initiative, helping you lessen your carbon footprint on a project.

Types of road repair system

IKO Permatrack inlaid crack repair system

IKO Permatrack is a durable, dependable road repair solution that is designed to withstand excessive use. It is a versatile product that comes with a wide variety of finish options available. Our Permatrack solutions can be rapidly installed and promise long-lasting, effective repairs for cracking, crazing and other common UK road defects.

The material can accommodate movement within the substrate due to it being structurally enhanced, and is protected from freeze/thaw and de-icing salts thanks to its impenetrable qualities.

The IKO Permatrack inlaid crack repair system is used when surface materials begin to break up – usually in between lanes when carrying out motorway maintenance. The affected area is first planed out to create a groove, which is then filled with mastic asphalt material. The process is quick and simple, meaning large areas of roadway can be treated in less time.

IKO Permatrack road surface patch repair system

The IKO Permatrack road surface patch repair system has been designed to be used on large delaminated areas such as HGV pull-ins or bus stops. It can be used to treat roadways that suffer from severe sub-base issues that will lead to other road defects such as potholes, cracking or crazing.

Our Permatrack Patch Repair solution is similar to our IKO Permatrack Inlaid Crack Repair System, but is better suited to small more focused areas of roadways. The application is identical – the desired area is planned and then material is poured in – and will give impressive results that can deal with traffic within just two hours. The mixture also comes on site ready mixed, all of which helps to speed up the production process, reduce inconvenience for road users and reduce costs.

IKO Permatrack transition joint railway line system

The IKO Permatrack transition joint railway line system is a purpose built solution for use on sections of roadway that meet tram or railway lines. These sections of road have to be able to withstand severe stress and fatigue from traffic, as well as tensile movement within rails at bends and crossovers.

Our Transition Joint System offers a cost effective, long term solution with rapid installation times to reduce inconvenience and delays. It is a fully flexible product that can be used when a durable, flexible and waterproof road and rail repair fix is required.

The surfacing breakup that occurs either side of the steel rail is simply replaced at a width and depth that suits the individual requirements. A range of finishes are also available to match different surfaces and skid resistance requirements.

IKO Pacopatch ironworks reinstatement system

Our IKO Pacopatch ironworks reinstatement system is an easy to install, durable solution that is used on areas of road around ironwork that are loose or damaged. It is a modified mastic asphalt system that is made up of IKO Pacopatch Grout and IKO Pacopatch Brick. There will always be a smooth transition from ironwork to pavement and the system materials are guaranteed for up to 5 years.

IKO Pacopatch Brick makes up the bulk of the product and is made up of a high percentage of recycled material. The material can be broken as necessary to fit any reinstatement, and provides impressive dimensional stability and helps to cool the IKO Pacopatch Grout.

IKO Pacopatch Grout is used as an in-fill material and poured into the chamber on top of the bricks to create a durable, completely impervious system without voids.

Road repair and maintenance at IKO

IKO offers a wide selection of road repair solutions for a host of different applications, including steel rails, ironwork, highways and more. These high performance solutions are both durable and easy to install, saving time during the process and reducing the risk of costly return visits. A long service life is guaranteed, even in high sheer situations, high impact sections or areas of standing traffic. All of our road repair and maintenance products are also BBA and HAPAS approved.

Our products are all manufactured in the UK and work inline with our sustainability commitment. Locally sourced materials are used where possible to reduce travel miles and help to curb carbon emissions.

If you are interested in any of our road repair and maintenance solutions, contact a member of our team today.

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