IKO sponsors BMN Independent Merchant Achiever of the Year

It takes a whole team to make a business successful: however, every once in a while, someone goes above and beyond the call of duty and truly excels.

The Independent Merchant Achiever of the Year award is designed to recognise and reward these extraordinary achievements.

Last year’s winner was Paul Sheppard from Murdock Builders Merchants Ltd.

When a vital timber mill was destroyed in a serious fire, Paul stepped up to the challenge and managed to successfully minimise the disruption to the firm’s supply chain, helping replace the lost equipment whilst also overseeing a major plant upgrade which the company had already invested in.

Paul’s determination in the face of adversity fits well with IKO’s ethos of ‘Pushing Limits’. Every day we make it our mission to go above and beyond to meet our customers’ needs.

Our dedicated Technical Team is always on hand to help merchants and contractors alike find the perfect roofing solution for their next project.

All of our products are designed with our customers in mind, and we are constantly striving to innovate and promote best practice. These values are core to our business and that’s why IKO is proud to sponsor the Independent Merchant Achiever of the Year.

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