What is torch-on roofing and why is it used?

Torch-on roofing is named due to using an open flame torch for the application of the reinforced bitumen membrane. Torch-on reinforced bitumen membranes are used predominantly for low slope and flat roofs. What are the two types of modified bitumen used for torch-on applications? The two main types of reinforced bitumen membranes that are used […]

How to use torch-on safely in single ply roofing

There have been many concerns over the years about the application of torch-on systems and the use of naked flame systems in the bituminous roofing industry. Between 2013-2014, on average there was 1 major fire a MONTH on commercial buildings reported. The majority had been through drying roofs with a gas torch and lack of […]

Adhered roofing applications in cold weather

Use of adhesives in winter months The winter months pose various issues for roofing trades especially when installing adhered single ply membrane systems. Generally, both PU adhesives and contact adhesives are not recommended to be used if the temperature is below 5° C, leaving the roofing contractor with no choice other than changing the system […]

How to select the right roofing capsheet?

What is a roofing capsheet? Roofing felt also known as reinforced bitumen membranes (RBMs) comes in many types and for every budget. They are an effective way to waterproof flat roofs of various buildings such as residential, commercial, retail, education, and health care. Typically built up roofing is formed on site from two or more […]