When should I use a walkway membrane on a single ply flat roof?

A walkway membrane should be used on a single ply flat roof when regular foot traffic, which could damage the waterproofing covering, is expected. It should be installed at roof access points, along designated foot traffic routes, and to areas where access is required (e.g. for plant maintenance, rooflight cleaning, or regular general roof maintenance).

Most single ply membranes are capable of receiving occasional, light foot traffic. With their smooth surface finish, however, they can become slippery in wet and cold conditions. Where regular, year-round access is required, a walkway membrane protects the single ply flat roof system and increases safety.

What features do walkway membranes incorporate?

Walkway membranes typically feature an embossed surface finish that improves slip resistance in poor conditions. They may also come in alternative colours to help distinguish them from the surrounding waterproofing.

The surface finish of the walkway membrane can increase drag for rainwater draining across it, which may need to be allowed for in drainage designs.

Installation should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. IKO Polymeric’s embossed IKO Armourplan or IKO Spectraplan walkway membranes are installed by hot air welding to the surface of the surrounding membrane surface.

For more information, please contact IKO Polymeric’s technical team.

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