Are single ply flat roofing membranes suitable for use in green roof systems?

Single ply membrane flat roofs are compatible with green roof systems. A green roof system is effectively a type of roof ballast which, used in sufficient thickness, can secure the roof system against wind uplift. The green roof system should have a dry weight of at least 80 kg/m2, or otherwise in accordance with structural engineer’s calculations, to avoid the single ply membrane having to be mechanically fixed or adhered.

What benefits do green roof systems offer?
As well as potentially increasing biodiversity in urban environments, the growing medium of a green roof system is an excellent way of slowing rainwater run-off from the flat roof. By helping to avoid stormwater drainage from becoming overwhelmed during periods of heavy rainfall, green roofs can form part of a sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS).

It is worth noting that green roof systems do not contribute to the thermal performance of a flat roof and should not be accounted for as part of a U-value calculation.

IKO Polymeric offer single ply membranes specifically for flat roofs with green roof systems. Find out more with this blog post, or contact our technical services team for advice about green roof design. As part of our flat roof system guarantee, IKO Polymeric single ply membranes must be electronically leak tested prior to installation of a green or ballasted roof.

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