IKOflash Lead Free Flashing

IKOflash Lead Free Flashing

IKOflash is a lead-free flashing material which is ideal for use in areas such as chimney and abutment flashings, roof lights and pitched valley linings.

IKOflash is extremely easy to install and offers a modern alternative in situations where lead flashing would traditionally be used. Lead-free flashing is a modern day alternative to lead.

It is made from a modified polyethylene compound with an integral aluminium mesh reinforcement, enabling the product to be worked and formed in the same way as lead. The product is faced with a fine grey mineral.

Lead-free flashing has many features and benefits that make it a popular choice for roofers when looking for a cost-effective alternative that can be worked and formed in the same way as traditional lead.

Key benefits to your project

  • Lighter than traditional lead (80% lighter).
  • Faster – rapid installation (up to 50% quicker).
  • Cost-effective – no scrap or resale value, therefore less risk of theft.
  • Environmentally friendly – IKOflash is non-toxic and recyclable.
  • Flexible – can be worked and formed in the same way as lead.
  • Available in a variety of sizes to suit structural needs and reduce waste.

Product information

Brand: IKOflash
Product colour: Grey
Product finish: Mineral
Product type: Accessory
Recyclable product: Yes
SKU: 396E1000

Key performance criteria

By project type: DIY, New Build, Refurbishment
Installation method: Clips, Mastic, Nails
Profession: Home Owners, Merchants & Resellers, Specifiers & Designers


Length (mm): 6000, 12000
Weight (kg): Various