IKO Terrazzo

IKO Terrazzo

IKO Terrazzo is all about style. A modern interpretation of a distinctly retro look revealing its inner beauty by exposing the aggregate as part of the finishing process. This gives it an individual elegance all of its own – indeed, no two installations are the same.

IKO Terrazzo, like other Mastic Asphalt Flooring systems, is quick to install and boasts rapid curing, meaning that the grinding (finishing) process can be carried out with no delay. The completed installation is also fully guaranteed, giving extra peace of mind to contractors, installers, buyers, and end users.

These IKO products are the result of unrivalled expertise in mastic asphalt both internally and externally (as a member of the Mastic Asphalt Council – MAC). Our comprehensive design service will help you not only achieve the perfect look, but also the correct technical specification.

Key benefits to your project

  • Low maintenance with a polished or matt finish.
  • Moisture and rodent resistant.
  • Radon and methane barrier.
  • Rapid curing time.
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas including commercial, education, healthcare, leisure, retail, and showrooms.
  • Easily recyclable and environmentally non-polluting – conforming to the Carbon Zero initiative.

Product information

Brand: IKO Terrazzo
Permability: No
Product colour: Black
Product type: Mastic Asphalt
UK manufacturing: Yes
SKU: 53020000-1

Key performance criteria

Accreditation: CarbonZero
By project type: New Build, Refurbishment
Certification: BBA
Installation method: Hot Applied
Thermal performance: No