IKOpro Black Bitumen Paint

IKOpro Black Bitumen Paint

IKOpro Bitumen Paint is a general-purpose bitumen paint that provides protection for a range of substrates.

Bitumen Paint provides protection for all outdoor constructions above ground or in contact with the ground.

Ideal as a waterproof coating to iron, steel, concrete, brickwork, cement, and zinc.

Key benefits to your project

  • Multi-purpose – for all types of concrete and brickwork, construction plinths, septic tanks, drainpipes, wooden garden posts, metal, reservoirs, railway sleepers and drainage channels.
  • Ideal protection for all materials in contact with groundwater.
  • Excellent protection against corrosion.
  • Ready for use, no thinning required.
  • Advanced formulation. Part of European leading trade professionals range, IKOpro.

Product information

Brand: IKOpro
Product colour: Black
Product type: Waterproofing Repair and Protection Solutions
SKU: MW686431 (1L) / MW686432 (2.5L) / MW686435 (5L) / MW686437 (22.5L)

Key performance criteria

Installation method: Brush
Substrate: Brick, Concrete, Metal
Usage: DIY Flat Roof, Protection


Size (litres): 1, 2.5, 5, 22.5