IKOflash-e Adhesive

IKOflash-e Adhesive

IKOflash-e Adhesive is a cold-applied, hybrid polymer-based adhesive sealant with high initial bond strength for bonding and sealing IKOflash-e Lead Free Flashing.

It bonds without primer on almost all materials used in the construction industry, such as concrete, brick, aluminium, galvanised and stainless steel etc.

No adhesion on bituminous substrates.

Key benefits to your project

Product information

Brand: IKOflash-e
Material: Hybrid Polymer
Product colour: Black
Product type: Adhesive
Recyclable product: Yes
SKU: 02402450

Key performance criteria

By project type: DIY, Refurbishment
Installation method: Adhered
Roof build ups: Pitched Roof
Usage: Accessory, DIY Pitched Roof, Pitched Roof


Coverage (m2): Up to 3 Linear Metres (10mm Bleed)
Size (litres): 0.29