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IKO Spectratex Geotextile Seperation Layer

Spectratex geotextiles are a range of non-woven polyester geotextile isolation and protection layers. They can be used to protect the Spectraplan or Armourplan waterproofing membrane on ballasted or green roof build ups and can be used as a separation layer between PVC membranes and incompatible substrates such as existing bituminous membrane roofs or polystyrene thermal insulation boards.

Spectratex geotextiles are available in 3 grades – 300gsm, 500gsm, and 800gsm. Heavier grades should be utilised in more onerous situations such as when overlaying an existing bituminous roof where it’s impractical to remove all of the chippings. Spectratex geotextiles are installed loose laid with a 150mm side and end overlap.

Technical Information

Product Information

By Project Type: New Build, Refurbishment

Installation Method: Loose Laid

Product Colour: Sand

Product Type: Single Ply - Commercial, Waterproofing Repair and Protection Solutions


Weight: 300gsm, 500gsm, 800gsm

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