Our new build solutions offer a fast track installation to meet the strictest of deadlines, and our refurbishment service includes comprehensive site surveys outlining the current condition of the roof and the areas that need repairing.

IKO roofing systems offer high thermal performance to keep the energy costs and CO2 emission down, providing greener and smarter solutions. We can also give expert advice on the use of rooflights, so the buildings can benefit from the natural daylight which offers further energy saving benefits.

Our highly experienced technical team offer advice in the early design stage, in order to help you achieve the requirements of your project. By choosing IKO as your roofing supplier, you can benefit from our expertise and have a smooth project experience by keeping your clients happy.

Our hand-picked selection of technical data sheets, support literature and tools are designed to help ensure your projects are compliant, structurally sound and made to last.

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