Company accreditations


With a growing emphasis on protecting our valuable world, building owners and designers look towards reduced carbon emissions and minimal use of resources to achieve improvements in environmental and energy performance.

With a keen focus on sustainability, the IKO product portfolio encompasses a range of products and systems that assist in increasing the overall lifespan of a building.

From planning and paperwork to manufacturing processes, raw materials and distribution, we are committed to sustainability throughout the entire product life-cycle. As a global leader in the manufacture and supply of waterproofing, roofing and insulation materials, we are committed to minimising our environmental impact.

All our manufacturing plants have BS EN ISO 9001, BS EN ISO 14001, BS EN ISO 45001, and BES 6001 accreditation, meaning we match the quality and sustainability requirements and use responsibly sourced raw materials in our production. We also re-use by-products from manufacture, wrap products in minimal packaging, and we employ a streamlined transportation network.

Associations and memberships

We are partners with the roofing industry’s leading manufacturers and trade bodies, which gives us an even stronger position on the market. We have an exclusive distribution agreement with SIG Design and Technology who operate from 147 warehouses around the UK.

This means that wherever our clients are based in the UK, they are only an hour away from our membranes! We know the importance of on-time site deliveries and our exclusive agreement with SIG D&T enables us to achieve this. By working closely with SIG D&T, we can also consolidate orders, minimise the number of lorries that leave our warehouse, and contribute towards our low carbon, green policy.

The partnership also unites IKO’s manufacturer expertise and excellent product ranges with SIG D&T’s accredited network of trained and monitored contractors, resulting in a full service ‘from the deck up’ which can then be guaranteed by IKO.

We are also members of the industry’s leading organisations such as NFRCSPRALRWA and MAC, which helps us get informed first-hand about the recent updates on building regulations. We can also provide immediate advice to our clients by making sure that our product offering is in-line with these building regulations.