How to maintain roads and repair them?

Road repair is a detailed process and there are a number of different solutions available depending on the surface defect. IKO Permatrack systems are used to treat cracking and crazing, whilst surfacing issues around ironwork can be corrected using IKO Pacopatch systems. For areas that undergo high levels of stress from being in close proximity […]

Road defects: the most common types

Road defects come in all shapes and sizes and will cause a range of issues for road users. They are mostly caused by water ingress, freeze/thaw and excessive usage from heavy traffic. Over time defects such as cracking, edge failure, subsidence or stress fractures may develop – all of which require specific road maintenance solutions. […]

How long will IKO Pacopatch last?

If correctly designed and installed, the IKO Pacopatch Road Ironwork Reinstatement System should outlast the surrounding road structure.

IKO’s Carbon Zero Mastic Asphalt solution renovates walkways of Tower Bridge

IKO’s Mastic Asphalt solution, IKO Permatrack, was utilised by Infallible Systems, a South East London-based contractor, to renovate London Bridge’s walkways along with the base of the towers. Tower Bridge is one of London’s most iconic landmarks and attracts tens of thousands of visitors, travellers, residents, and commuters every day, not to mention the over […]

Using Mastic Asphalt road repair systems for highways and road infrastructures

All too often, road repairs are let down by the use of products that fail to offer the longevity required. Polymer modified Mastic Asphalt addresses those longevity concerns and has established itself as the material of choice for highways repairs and bridge surfacing projects. Mastic Asphalt is a traditional construction material, ideal for hard-wearing surfaces […]