Why do I need to waterproof a car park?

Car parks offer the simplicity of leaving your car somewhere that should be safe and secure, but in order to keep the actual structure safe, secure, and waterproof the build-up and structures are far from simple. As they are high level trafficked areas, car park decks (especially the top deck and open areas) can be […]

Marks & Spencer, Matlock – IKO Permapark

Photo of Marks & Spencer, Matlock

Approached by Caces Consulting to provide a solution to strip and replace failed asphalt coverings. The store was having a full refurbishment by Marks and Spencer as it had recently had a change of ownership.

National Grid HQ Car Park, Warwick – IKO Permapark

Photo of the National Grid HQ Car Park, Warwick IKO Permapark system

The National Grid required a solution to a long-standing problem. The main car park at their HQ in Warwick had been leaking for a number of years. Various systems had been employed to tackle this issue; however, all had failed.

Royal Hotel, Lancaster – IKO Permapark

Photo of the Royal Hotel, Lancaster IKO Permapark system

Phase 1 of the car park installation was above the popular ballroom which is a highly sensitive area due to the number of functions that are held throughout the year. The ballroom also consists of a number of very large chandeliers which are fixed to large metal plates above the ceiling directly below the installation area.

Brunswick Car Park, Scarborough – IKO Permapark

Photo of the Brunswick Car Park, Scarborough IKO Permapark system

Located in the heart of Scarborough, North Yorkshire, Brunswick Shopping Centre offers shoppers over 30 shops under one roof. The shopping centre has an annual footfall of approximately 7 million people and offers on-site car parking split over two levels.

Mastic Asphalt car park system installed at Brunswick Shopping Centre

When the on-site car park which has more than 350 spaces split over two levels at Brunswick Shopping Centre in Scarborough reached the end of its serviceable life, 500 tonnes of IKO Permapark were used to rejuvenate the structure. The Mastic Asphalt car park system was quick and easy to install and resulted in a […]

What are the benefits of Mastic Asphalt for car park waterproofing?

Mastic Asphalt is a traditional and proven waterproofing solution for multi-storey car parks and car parking decks. Its recognised longevity more than justifies its consideration for car parking applications where the waterproofing is put under significant stress. Whether part of an insulated rooftop parking deck, an intermediate level of a multi-storey car park, or an […]

Can a multi-storey car park deck remain open while refurbishment works are carried out?

Using Mastic Asphalt for surface repair and refurbishment allows multi-storey car park decks to remain open while the works are carried out. Among the advantages of Mastic Asphalt as a waterproofing solution, the ability to make localised repairs without closing off entire levels is an important one in terms of avoiding disruption for drivers. A […]

What are the alternatives to Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) in car parks?

Mastic asphalt is a durable, hard-wearing, moisture-resistant material. Capable of offering a service life of at least 50 years, mastic asphalt is suitable for a variety of applications, including flooring, flat roofing and car park decks and structures. It is also one of the oldest construction materials, and modern variants offer the same performance and […]