First Joint Faith Campus, Glasgow

3D mock-up of the First Joint Faith Campus, Glasgow project

Built in Newton Mears, IKO Polymeric delivered a full single ply roofing system for the world’s first Joint Faith Campus for Christian and Jewish pupils.

How to achieve sustainability when specifying single ply roofing

To achieve sustainability of a single ply roof covering, the specified material needs to tick so many boxes. The first question to ask is what the material is made of, and can it be recycled at the end of its life? Some projects have special planning requirements to meet a certain BREEAM or other sustainability […]

What is an EPDM roof?

EPDM, or ethylene propylene diene monomer membrane, is one of the most popular single-ply membranes for residential and commercial low slope and flat roof systems. EPDM is essentially a synthetic rubber, making it an extremely durable roofing solution. The membrane has high resistance to UV radiation and remains flexible even at low temperatures. EPDM Is […]

How to use torch-on safely in single ply roofing

There have been many concerns over the years about the application of torch-on systems and the use of naked flame systems in the bituminous roofing industry. Between 2013-2014, on average there was 1 major fire a MONTH on commercial buildings reported. The majority had been through drying roofs with a gas torch and lack of […]

Rainwater outlets in flat roof design

A lot of rain is falling onto flat roofs, and from the dawning day of the flat roof, it always has done. So, the question is when dealing with the problem of flat roof drainage, why do some people still get it wrong? What do we need to consider when getting an efficient drainage system […]

Are single ply membranes suitable for use on roof terraces and ballasted flat roofs?

Single ply flat roof systems can be used to waterproof roof terraces or balconies, and ballasted flat roofs. The waterproofing should not be damaged by the installation of gravel ballast, concrete paving slabs or timber decking, and it may be necessary to install a protection fleece or separating layer before loading the roof with its […]

What standard colours are polymeric single ply membranes available in?

Single ply membranes are offered in a limited range of standard colours, usually a selection of greys. Non-standard colours are available subject to minimum order quantities and extended lead times. As well as naming the colours of their single ply membrane, waterproofing manufacturers commonly also use the closest matching RAL number, to allow for more […]

Why is choosing the right gutters so important?

Membrane lined gutters have now been used in the roofing and cladding industry for many years. These can be in the form of single skin, insulated and composite gutter systems. When designed and installed correctly, membrane lined gutters provide a secure watertight gutter solution especially at the gutter joints which historically have been the weakest […]

IKO Spectraplan TPE versus TPO single ply membranes

TPO’s (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) have been extensively used within the single ply roofing industry since the early 90’s and had been developed from Polyethylene membranes which were being installed in ground engineering applications such as tunnel, lake and bund liners. Newer versions of TPO are typically now manufactured using a Polypropylene formulation. The driving force for […]