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Inverted Roof Insulation

An inverted roof construction places thermal insulation above the waterproof layer. This maintains the waterproof membrane at an even temperature and protects it from the damaging effects of UV radiation or the effects of the weather. The specified thermal performance of the inverted roof is achieved through the roof design and the thickness of the insulation used.

IKO provides thermally efficient insulation solutions for inverted roof constructions that are available in different thicknesses to suit any project requirements. Our sustainable insulation boards are A rated in BRE Green Guide, offering you environmentally friendly solutions for today’s modern manufacturing.

Why Choose IKO?
  • Specialist Technical Support

  • UK Manufactured Products

  • Full System Guarantee

  • Family Owned

IKO enertherm ALU Insulation Board

    Key Benefits to your project
    • Multi-functional PIR insulation board

    • Covered with a multi-layer gas-tight aluminium construction on both sides

    • Top quality multi layer lamination

    IKO enertherm XPS Insulation Board

      Key Benefits to your project
      • Excellent thermal performance

      • High compressive strength

      • Highly resistant to water absorption

      IKO enertherm XPS Insulation Upstand

        Key Benefits to your project
        • Weather resistant facing

        • Solves many design problems

        • Excellent thermal performance

        IKO VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panel) Insulation Board

          Key Benefits to your project
          • Optimum performance rigid vacuum insulation panel

          • Comes with a pre-bonded protective layer underneath offering superior product protection and helping to…

          • Insulating performance up to five times better than other commonly available insulation materials

          IKO WCL (for EPS)

            Key Benefits to your project
            • Improves the thermal performance of inverted roofs

            • Waterproof and water vapour permeable

            • Enables thinner insulation and less ballast to be used

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