Domestic Dwelling, Sheffield – IKO Slate

Photo of the Domestic Dwelling, Sheffield IKOslate system

When the garage at a house in Sheffield had to be rebuilt from scratch due to unforeseen circumstances, the homeowner was keen to make sure that re-cycled products were used for the job. He also wanted a roofing tile solution that would complement the original slate on the main roof of the house.

Kingswood Golf Club, Surrey – IKOslate

Photo of the Kingswood Golf Club, Surrey IKOslate roofing system

When starting to plan the development of a new 18 bedroomed lodge at Kingswood Golf Course, the management team were concerned about its proximity to the 18th hole and the perennial damage that had been caused over time to the existing slate roofs of the club house from golf balls.

Gorse Hill Primary School, Stretford – IKOslate

Photo of the Gorse Hill Primary School, Stretford IKOslate roofing system

The existing waterproofing had failed due to a previous poor installation, the result of which saturated the insulation below the exterior roofing. New high performance solutions were specified that included a range of IKO roofing waterproofing systems to protect both the flat and pitched roofing areas of the building.