Dorset House, Bournemouth University, Poole – IKO Ultra

Dorset House, Bournemouth University, Poole Brief Dorset House sits at the heart of Talbot Campus, where most of the undergraduate and postgraduate courses are delivered at Bournemouth University. It is home to the Doctoral College, providing important support to its postgraduate research community with a range of high-tech laboratory equipment, as well as the Business […]

Cherryfield Drive, Liverpool – IKO Ultra

As part of the drive to revitalise Kirkby Town Centre, the local authority, Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council, has been significantly investing in regeneration works. A redundant B&M shopping centre formed an important part of the uplift. At 36,000 sq ft, the empty precinct was the largest vacant unit in the town centre and was in need of significant repair and modernisation. Bringing the building up to date was crucial in encouraging businesses back to the area and delivering more choice of retail outlets to visitors.

Highwood House, West Coast of Scotland – IKO Enertherm

Photo of Highwood House, West Coast of Scotland under construction

Headington School is an independent girls’ school in Headington, Oxford. The school’s boat club, Headington School Oxford Boat Club (HSOBC), was established in 1991 and has gone on to become one of the most successful school boat clubs in the UK, with more than 100 Headington rowers representing Team GB over the years and students past and present competing at the last four Olympic games.

What is the difference between tissue-faced and foil-faced thermal insulation boards?

The difference between tissue-faced and foil-faced thermal insulation boards is in which type of single ply membrane solution is most appropriate to be installed in contact with them, and the way in which those membranes are attached. The type of facing also affects the overall thermal performance of the insulation board. The difference between the […]

IKO Insulations – from foundation to factory 2018 was another exciting year in the history of IKO, as we opened our first insulation plant in the UK. The new factory is an all-round ‘good news’ story representing a significant investment that will make a significant contribution to the construction industry and the local community – creating up to 160 jobs in […]

IKO launches new high-performance insulation board

IKO has bolstered its insulation range with a new, high-performance PIR product for flat roofs. Thanks to its high compressive strength and low lambda value, IKO enertherm GOLD improves heat retention and requires minimal thickness to achieve thermal requirements. Manufactured with a coarser foam, the product also retains its shape and dimensional stability for longer, […]

What compressive strength should thermal insulation achieve for flat roofs?

The compressive strength of the chosen thermal insulation should be enough to bear both dead and active loads imposed by the flat roof and its use. The product needs to offer sufficient compressive strength for the intended application – and also be capable of withstanding any demands placed on it during installation. Compressive strength declarations […]